Crabtree Junior School

Crabtree Lane
Herts AL5 5PU
Tel: 01582 623501
Fax: 01582 623455

Headteacher: Mr A Emeny


Crabtree Junior School is part of The Crabtree Multi-Academy Trust and is governed by the Directors of the Trust and by its Local Governing Body (LGB). The school is fortunate to have a committed team of governors who play an important role in the leadership and every-day life of the school.  The governors are unpaid volunteers and are either elected or appointed to serve a four-year term of office. 

The LGB of Crabtree Junior School comprises:

Four parent governors - elected by parents
Three staff governors - two are elected by the staff; the third place is reserved for the Headteacher
Four LGB governors - appointed by the LGB
Up to two Board governors - appointed by the Board of the Academy Trust

Chair of Governors
Mr Phil Kendall
Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Nelson Hanna
Parent Governors
Mrs Chloe Hawkins
Mrs Marie Hall
Mr Nelson Hanna
Mrs Jennifer McGrandle
LGB Governors
Mrs Claire Petevinos
Mrs Sybille Mills
Mrs Nicky Lewis
  Mr Phil Kendall
Staff Governors
Mr Andrew Emeny
Mrs Rebecca Meredith
Mr Doug Wood
Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Tricia King

Governors have equal rights to participate in the work of the Governing Body and to state their own views, but always work as a team and are bound by the collective decisions of that team. 

The Governing Body, together with the Board of the Academy Trust, has responsibility for the school’s overall strategic direction. The governors:

  • are accountable to parents and the wider community for the performance of the school.
  • make sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs.
  • formulate the aims and policies of the school.
  • ensure that the National Curriculum is taught.
  • interview and appoint key members of staff.
  • make decisions on the school's budget and staffing.

The full Governing Body meets twice each term.  Minutes of meetings are available, on request, to read in school.  

Parents are welcome to contact the Chair of Governors by e-mail (governors@crabtreejm.herts.sch.ukor by telephoning the School Office. However, it should be noted that governors do not get involved in individual pupil issues or specific complaints about, for example, teaching or playground matters.  Parents should speak to the class teacher in the first instance or to the Headteacher.  If a matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, then governors may become involved via the school’s formal Complaints Procedure, but this would always be a last resort.

Parent Forum

Crabtree Junior School actively encourages and supports ongoing communication with its parent community.  Alongside termly presentations, parents’ evenings and open evenings, every half term the Head teacher hosts a parent forum.  These forums take place during the school day and end with the opportunity to eat with the children in the school dining room.
Two parents per year group are selected at random and invited to attend the event.  The visit begins with an open question and answer session with the Head teacher, with the aim of providing parents with a greater understanding of how the school operates, and to update parents on recent changes and initiatives within the school.  Parents are then taken on a tour of the school where they visit each classroom “in action”.  The visit culminates with lunch.
The parent forum has been received very positively by the parent community, providing otherwise unseen insight into the childrens’ school lives:
“Thank you for a very informative insight into Junior school life.  The meeting was very insightful  and I now have much more understanding about what goes during my daughter’s day.”  Year 4 parent
“An excellent morning.  I had no idea how much goes on behind the scenes at school!”  Year 3 parent