Crabtree Junior School

Crabtree Lane
Herts AL5 5PU
Tel: 01582 623501
Fax: 01582 623455

Headteacher: Miss E Simmons


Strong parent-teacher partnership is key to the success of any school, helping both the children’s education and also their welfare. In common with all schools, Crabtree Junior School has a Home-School Agreement, which sets out the expectations of school, parents and children.

We firmly believe that it is easier to deal with a small problem before it becomes a much larger issue. Regular contact between home and school ensures that most problems or misunderstandings can be sorted out easily and quickly.

At the end of the school day between 3.15pm and 3.30pm parents are welcome to come in to talk to members of staff or to look at something their children want to show. A longer discussion can always be arranged with the appropriate teacher. If a matter needs to be taken further, or is a more general policy issue, it should be discussed with the Headteacher, who is always happy to see parents to talk about any matter.



Parents give valuable support to the school as reading partners, accompanying school trips, walking children to swimming lessons in the autumn and summer terms and helping on an ad hoc basis with classroom activities, eg DT where extra adult help is useful to thread needles etc!

Anyone who is helping in school on a regular basis must apply for Disclosure and Barring Service disclosure; disclosures from organisations other than Herts County Council are not acceptable. We also ask volunteers to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Parents' Association

The Crabtree Schools have a fantastic Parents' Association. Click here or on the link to the left of this page to find out more.