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Headteacher: Miss E Simmons


Assessment is key in informing appropriate teaching for each child.  At Crabtree Junior School we have a system for monitoring individual pupil performance, comprising: the setting of individual pupil targets that are monitored on a regular basis; and a programme of targeted six to eight-week interventions such that children at all levels can progress and fulfil their potential.

We use two types of assessment: the day-to-day appraisal of pupils’ needs (‘formative’ assessment); and end-of-topic or end-of-term tests for medium and long-term planning and for setting pupil and school targets (‘summative’ assessment).

In addition to teacher assessment, the children are taught to self-evaluate so they can assess their own work and that of their peers. 

In the autumn term 2016, the curriculum evening for parents addressed the topic of 'Life without Levels' and the new systems for measuring attainment and progress in KS2. The slides from this presentation can be viewed by clicking on the pdf link to the left of this page.

'Wave 2' Interventions

Whereas all pupils experience Wave 1 teaching (inclusive, high quality, planned, differentiated class teaching), Wave 2 provision is for some pupils: an intervention programme focussing on a specific area of the curriculum for a short period of time. Wave 2 interventions are delivered outside the classroom by the Inclusion Manager, SEN support teacher or one of the Teaching Assistants who will have been trained to facilitate the specific programme.

Pupils are identified by analysis of assessment outcomes.  This provision can be for a number of reasons including consolidation, reinforcement and to raise individual attainment. The intervention groups are determined each half term and parents will be informed by letter if their child has been selected to take part in a particular group. In any half-term, there may be 10-20% of all children in the school involved in Wave 2 interventions.

Our Inclusion Manager has written a guide for parents to the different interventions at Crabtree Junior School – Demystifying Interventions - click on the pdf link to the left of this page to read more.

More able pupils

Where the assessment data identifies children who are more able in Maths or Literacy, where possible, interventions are planned to continue to extend and expand their knowledge, skills and understanding in reading, writing and mathematics.  Throughout the whole school the children are "set" for mathematics, with Year 6 being split three ways.