Crabtree Junior School

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Herts AL5 5PU
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Headteacher: Miss E Simmons


Staff, parents and external providers organise many after-school and lunchtime activities. 

We are particularly proud of the sports provision at Crabtree Junior School.  Our PE teacher, Mrs Tizard, organises clubs for different sports activities throughout the year.  The spring term Years 5 and 6 Gymnastics Club, which culminates in a display to the school and parents, is particularly well subscribed.  There are two separate athletics clubs in the summer term for the upper and lower schools and, again, the take-up rate by pupils is impressive.  At other times of the year there are clubs for Rounders, Football, Netball, Cricket and Rugby.  External providers offer Karate, Street Cheer, Apex 360 Sports, Lingua Fanatics, Drama and Art all year round.

Other clubs vary according to the time of year and the interests of staff, such as chess and science.

Spring term clubs timetable

Clubs open to all years unless otherwise indicated.

Activities marked with an asterisk are facilitated by external providers and a charge applies.

This term's sports practices are not on specific days but on a timetable - the gym club schedule and wider sports timetable are shown in the links to the left of this page

Before school
Upper School Choir


*Street Cheer





*Chess Club - Years 4 -6

Lower School Choir



Year 3 - Striking Games


Year 6 - Badminton



Year 4 - Touch Typing





Year 4 - Athletics










Year 3 - Athletics







Year 5 - Rounders




After school


*Mad Science

Year 5 & 6 - Athletics


Year 4 - Creative Writing



*Nature Crafters







Year 4 - Striking Games










Year 6 - Rounders


*Apex Football







Year 5 & 6 - Cricket