Crabtree Junior School

Crabtree Lane
Herts AL5 5PU
Tel: 01582 623501
Fax: 01582 623455

Headteacher: Miss E Simmons


Teaching and Learning

Teaching at Crabtree is predicated on a process approach to learning. Creativity; Challenge; Individual and Corporate Responsibility and Assessment for Learning underpin the delivery of our enriched curriculum.

Teaching approaches

At Crabtree Junior School our objective is to develop a spirit of enquiry, to enable our children to apply the skills and concepts they are taught. We aim to provide high quality, inclusive teaching, matched to pupils’ abilities, needs and learning styles. Ofsted remarked: “The quality of the teaching and learning is excellent and, because work is interesting and challenging for those at all levels of attainment, pupils readily engage in learning”.

Depending on the nature of the work, lessons are conducted as a whole-class activity or children are grouped according to their needs and level of understanding; sometimes children work individually on tasks designed to meet their own requirements.


Teaching in the classroom is enriched by trips and visits that are arranged to enhance the children's learning.


Crabtree Junior School teaches all of the required elements of the National Curriculum. The Core Subjects of the National Curriculum, which occupy approximately half the teaching time, are: English, Mathematics, Science and ICT. The six Foundation Subjects are: History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education and Design & Technology.

In addition, we are pleased to be able to offer extra subjects, providing our pupils with a broad and rich education: Religious Education is included in our timetable alongside a strong Social Curriculum (including Personal and Health Education and Citizenship); and French is taught to all year groups by a native French-speaking teacher.

Throughout our teaching, we uphold and promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. For our statement on promotion of British values at Crabtree Junior School, please click on the document link to the left of this page.

To read an overview of our curriculum approach, subject-by-subject, please click on the links below:

For detailed information about the curriculum for the current term, please visit our Topic Webs page.