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School trips and visits



School letters re. current trips and visits can be found here in the News and Dates section of the website.


We believe that school trips are an important and enjoyable complement to the children’s learning.  Trips are organised to be directly relevant to topic work. The school is not permitted to charge for any activity that takes place during the school day but will usually ask for voluntary contributions from parent to cover the cost of any trip; in the event that insufficient contributions are received the trip or visit will be cancelled. Our preferred means of payment of voluntary contributions is via WisePay, an online payments portal. Please click on the link to the left of this page to log on - the School Office will be able to help if you have lost your details.

In 2017-2018, children enjoyed the following trips and visits:

Year 3

Build a Pyramid Workshop
Viking Longship Workshop

Geography Fieldwork

Islamic Centre Visit

Grandparents Tea Party


Year 4

Hitchin Gurdwara

Roman workshop
Language Fair

Harpenden Town Visit

Verulamium Museum Visit

Year 5

Young Shakespeare Company
Celtic Harmony

Mayan Workshop

Music Workshop


Buddhist Temple Visit

Year 6

Rainforest Visit
Bletchley Park

Crucial Crew

School journeys

Children in Years 5 and 6 are encouraged to go on a residential ‘School Journey’.  These provide marvellous opportunities for the children to bond with their schoolmates and to get a taste of independence from home, whilst still in the secure care of their teachers.

Year 6 go to the Isle of Wight where they visit a number of sites of historic interest, as well as finding time for fossil hunting and building sandcastles on the beach. The duration of the visit is four nights, Monday to Friday.

Year 5 spend two nights at the Lee Valley Youth Hostel, which is next door to the Herts Young Mariners’ Base where the children participate in a variety of activities and challenges on the water, including bellboating, dragonboat racing and raft building.