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Thinking hats

When Mr Pattrick came to Crabtree Junior School he introduced the staff to 'Thinking for Learning' and the six thinking hats of Edward de Bono are now embedded into teaching at the school.

Thinking skills have a number of important benefits for learning: children learn to think independently; they learn to consider things from different perspectives; and thinking skills contribute to effective problem-solving and decision-making in all aspects of life.

Since the hats were introduced we have noted a positive impact on the children’s approach to learning and the way they engage in lessons.  The effect on confidence has been marked and we now see the benefits of analytical thinking across the curriculum.


The six thinking hats

white hat

Think of white paper and computer printouts.  The White Hat, like paper, is concerned directly with data and information, to focus on what can be learnt from the information available..

red hat
Think of a red fire in a grate.  Think of warmth.  The Red Hat is concerned with feelings, emotions and intuition, to look at problems using gut reaction and to consider the emotional reaction of others to the proposed solution.
yellow hat
Think of sunshine and optimism.  The Yellow Hat represents the logical, positive aspects of thinking.   The Yellow Hat looks for benefits and value.  The Yellow Hat looks for feasibility - it helps positive thinking and encourages consideration of all the benefits of a particular decision.
black hat
Think of a judge’s robes.  Judges are influential people, and they usually wear black.  The Black Hat is powerful, effective and an essential ingredient in the thinking process.  The role of the Black Hat is to to look for flaws in an argument and help children to eliminate weaknesses in their plans. It highlights the points of caution, existing and potential downsides, and concerns.  This is one of the most useful hats, as it helps us make good decisions.
green hat
Think of vegetation and growth.  Think of natural energy.  Think of sprouting and branching.  The Green Hat is the “creativity” hat, to express ideas without fear of criticism.
blue hat
Think of  blue as the blue sky or overview.  The blue hat is concerned with “process control” or organisation.  The Blue Hat manages the thinking process itself.  With the Blue Hat, the thinker stands back and looks at the thinking that needs to take place or is taking place.  In psychological terms, the Blue Hat is concerned with “metacognition” (thinking about thinking).